Thursday, 2 August 2007

Special Offer: 25% off all brain food

If you're looking to seriously expand your mind, you'll be interested in our special offer:

For a limited time only, we're giving 25% off when you buy OCaml for Scientists and full subscriptions to the OCaml Journal and F#.NET Journal.

OCaml for Scientists is our best selling book and has received universally-glowing reviews. This book guides you through all of the core topics required to get you writing high-performance OCaml programs with OpenGL-based visualization in this state-of-the-art cross-platform functional programming language.

The OCaml Journal provides up-to-the-minute articles on the state of the OCaml world, including reviews of third party tools such as data structures, build-tools, IDEs, parsers, graphics libraries and notes on how the unique features of this language are best leveraged by developers.

The F#.NET Journal teaches you everything you need to know to get developing in this modern functional programming language on the Windows platform using the .NET framework. Journal articles include a complete introduction to the core features of the language, interoperability with existing .NET libraries, products and services available for F# developers and reviews of all F# related goodies.