Saturday, 7 March 2009

HLVM has been released

We have made the first public release of our much anticipated High-Level Virtual Machine (HLVM) project. The complete source code is now available from the HLVM project page on the OCaml Forge via the subversion repository.

HLVM makes extensive use of some features only recently added to LLVM and, consequently, requires a patched version of LLVM 2.4 or later.

Even at this early stage, our performance results are extremely compelling. HLVM is already several times faster on a variety of benchmarks than some notably high-performance functional programming languages such as OCaml. HLVM is specifically designed for technical computing and we believe it will offer the best performance for numerical computing of any high-level language including easy-to-use support for parallelism. We also intend to provide extensive support for visualization using OpenGL and make HLVM a viable platform for both free and commercial software in the future.

This open source project has been solely funded by Flying Frog Consultancy. If you would like to contribute funding, resources or help to develop HLVM yourself please get in contact with us.


mehdi.asgari said...

I was following your posts in comp.lang.functional sometime now.
Would this project compile/work on Windows ?

Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd. said...


Thanks for the support! HLVM is very dependent upon the LLVM project which currently works best on OS X and Linux. You may be able to get it working under Windows but nobody has tried so far.

Best of luck!