Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Haskell in industry!!!

A dutch startup called Tupil just announced that their first commercial application written in Haskell has gone live.

Tupil describe themselves as:

Tupil is Chris Eidhof and Eelco Lempsink. We code for a living, using functional programming languages like Haskell. Technology is our passion and we just love building great software tools. After working for years as web developers at very nice companies, we decided to go solo, together.

Credible success stories of bleeding-edge functional languages like Haskell being used in industry are always great to see. Keep up the good work!


Alp Mestan said...

I agree, very nice !
There are such companies, basing their business on OCaml, Haskell, Erlang, ... and this is just great for these languages ! Good luck guys.

Chris said...

Thanks for mentioning us! It's great for us too to see that these languages do work in practice too. In fact, the response times for our Haskell-based applications are much smaller than the average php/ruby/python/... app. We'll write a blog post about this sometime soon!

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