Sunday, 4 October 2009

F# for Technical Computing out now!

Our new book F# for Technical Computing has been published and is now available for order!

This is currently the only published book to cover the latest version of the F# programming language and also covers the following exciting topics:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation for interactive 2D and 3D graphics.
  • The Task Parallel Library for shared-memory parallel programming on multicores and MPI for distributed parallelism on clusters.
  • LINQ for the dissection of XML data.
  • Sequence expressions.
  • Asynchronous workflows for concurrent programming.
  • Functional design patterns (tail calls, untying the recursive knot and continuation passing style).
  • Purely functional data structures (balanced trees, tries, lazy streams and queues).
  • Named and optional arguments.
  • .NET interfaces including IEnumerable, IComparable and IDisposable.
  • Performance in the context of caches and multicores.
  • Reflection.

Every graph in the book was created with our own F# for Visualization library and the complete source code including code to interactively generate all of the graphs is provided as a Visual Studio 2008 project when you buy F# for Technical Computing!