Saturday, 20 February 2010

Miguel de Icaza of Mono on LLVM and F#

Miguel de Icaza of the Mono project made two surprise announcements in a recent blog post:

"We are working to improve our support for F# and together with various groups at Microsoft we are working to improve Mono's compatibility with the CLR to run IronPython, IronRuby and F# flawlessly in Mono. Supporting F# will require some upgrades to the way that Mono works to effectively support tail call optimizations."

"we continue to work on integrating LLVM [better use LLVM to produce better code, use it in more places where the old JIT was still required and expand its use to be used for AOT code]"

We have been pushing for these developments (F# support and an LLVM backend) for over a year now and it is very exciting to hear that the Mono team are taking this seriously. F# is the future of .NET and building upon LLVM offers huge potential not only for improving upon the performance of Mono's code generator but also in improving LLVM itself, which is now the foundation of many fascinating compiler projects including our own HLVM.


Art said...

Way cool.

Art said...

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