Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pros and cons of OCaml

The advantages and disadvantages of the OCaml programming language.


  • More powerful type inference than any other language: OCaml even infers union and class types!

  • Powerful module system lets you parameterize modules over other modules easily and safely with full compile-time checking and minimal run-time overhead.

  • Structural typing of modules, polymorphic variants and classes improves brevity, closing the gap with dynamic languages, but can obfuscate error messages.

  • Powerful integrated macro system lets you alter the language's syntax on-the-fly and write parsers quickly and easily.

  • Good serial performance from the x64 code gen.

  • Easy-to-use REPL.

  • Lots of high-quality tools and libraries.


  • No overloading can make numerical code over many different types (e.g. complex numbers, vectors and matrices) tedious.

  • Poor multicore support means poor performance on today's computers.

  • Some basic functionality missing (e.g. no 32-bit floats, no try..finally construct).

  • Some basic functionality is very inefficient (e.g. 32-bit ints).

  • Poor floating point performance from the x86 code gen.

  • 16MB limit on strings and arrays on 32-bit systems.

  • No way to override equality, comparison and hashing for new types and no way to catch errors created by this when the default structural versions are not applicable. Type classes are a solution to the former problem and equality types are a solution to the latter.

  • No value types means more memory use and worse performance in some important situations (e.g. filling a hash table with float keys and values in OCaml is 17× slower than F#).


JohanMazel said...

From my own knowledge, Functory provides the best solution to multicore (and distributed) computation support :

It is very very easy to use.

gruenewa said...

+1 for multicore support and the missing finally{} block

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