Monday, 12 March 2012

Red Gate on concurrent programming

Amidst the excitement around the new support for asynchronous programming in C# 5, Alex Davies of Red Gate software writes:
"Before C# 5, I think I was about the only person in the world who really cared about asynchronous programming"
In fact, many of our 1,000 corporate clients have been developing concurrent programs on .NET over the past two years. The world's foremost supplier of electronic trading and order matching software for brokers, exchanges and traders in the energy industry recently rewrote their trading user interface using async. The UK's largest insurance company provide life insurance quotes on-line using async. They are all doing this using F# because it has supported async out-of-the-box since it was first released in Visual Studio 2010.
Even if you intend to write your asynchronous programs in C# 5, we recommend taking a look at how people have been writing asynchronous programs on .NET using F# including the following F#.NET Journal articles:


Martin Trojer said...

Async programming has obviously been around for decades before .NET was created.

Davies quote is surprising.

Jon Harrop said...

Absolutely. I remember when Manchester University built the first Amulet processor, an asynchronous ARM, 23 years ago!