Sunday, 6 May 2012

What's wrong with C#?

  • null everywhere.
  • const nowhere.
  • APIs are inconsistent, e.g. mutating an array returns void but appending to a StringBufferreturns the same mutable StringBuffer.
  • Collection interfaces are incompatible with immutable data structures, e.g. Add in System.Collections.Generic.IList<_> cannot return a result.
  • No structural typing so you write System.Windows.Media.Effects.SamplingMode.Bilinear instead of just Bilinear.
  • Mutable IEnumerator interface implemented by classes when it should be an immutable struct.
  • Equality and comparison are a mess: you've got System.IComparable and Equals but then you've also got:
    System.IComparable<_> System.IEquatableSystem.Collections.IComparer System.Collections.IStructuralComparable System.Collections.IStructuralEquatable System.Collections.Generic.IComparer System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer
  • Tuples should be structs but structs unnecessarily inhibit tail call elimination so one of the most common and fundamental data types will allocate unnecessarily and destroy scalable parallelism.

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Alex Rønne Petersen said...

No pattern matching, crippled switch statement, no language-level inlining, no language-integrated tuples, no free functions, no records/discriminated unions, no units of measure, no object expressions, no first-class functions, no "everything is an expression", no useful type inference, no compositioning/pipelining, no automatic generalization, no code quotations, no custom operators, no generalized type extensions, ...